Friday, March 14, 2014

Discovering Your Purpose as a Writer

One of the popular topics in today’s Christian circles is about "call." God’s call on your life. It starts with seeking God and knowing His heart and purposes, being still, listening, and embracing what God brings into your experiences. Then we persevere through the downs of life and stay humble during the ups of life.

Vocation is one of those huge life choices that reflective Christians want to get right. If a nudge has been after you (that internal NUDGE is one of the Holy Spirit’s first forms of communication), to write, to testify to God’s greatness in written words, to share your story which is, of course, Jesus’ story through articles, novels, poetry, comics, cards, blogs, or any other forms of writing — have I got a day for you.

The 23rd Annual To Writing Success writers conference will be held on Saturday, April 26, 2014 with keynote speaker Mike Dellosso talking about "Discovering your purpose as a writer." This one day writing conference offers workshops in fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. This year we have a focus on writing Children’s books. There is also a general offering of workshops dealing with the craft, business, and life of writers.

This teaching conference is a great place to test the waters if you are considering becoming a writer — or if you know you want to write, but don’t know where to begin. Informal, relaxed, and reasonably priced, the conference also offers various contests in poetry, non-fiction, and fiction, and the opportunity to have 6 pages of manuscript critiqued by a professional.

Early bird registration of $55.00 ends March 31 so sign up today.

Visit our web site at for information about the speakers, workshops, and registration details.

We meet at Emmanuel Christian Church, one mile off exit 130 on Interstate 79 in western Pennsylvania. This conference is supported by a core group of writers who will gladly share their expertise, even if they aren’t leading a workshop. And if you are confident of your call to write, it’s a great celebration for surviving another PA winter and recharging your batteries to write for God’s glory one more year. There’s nothing quite like a group of writers loving and supporting one another. Don’t miss out; join the fun!

Gloria Clover
Director of the Writing Success Writers' Conference

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