Friday, May 23, 2014

First Spark

by Vickie Price Taylor

That first spark of excitement for any new adventure is always the sweetest. Don’t you agree? Remember the elation of your first solo drive? How about the tingle of anticipation for your first college class? Ah, and the unrivaled thrill of that first kiss…unforgettable.  The events of the past several weeks have me thinking of the first moment I realized I was a writer.

My journey into the writing world did not follow the usual path. My love for the written word didn’t begin with a favorite childhood storybook, nor did it ignite through the daily chronicling of the passions and travails of adolescence. There was no teacher along the way who inspired me to pursue that particular path.

No. The first moment my desire to write flared to life was at our own St. Davids Writer’s Conference.  It was there that the leader of the fiction critique group told me my writing was good, a confirmation that fanned the flame. It was there I met two of my favorite authors, one of whom read my work and encouraged me to continue, an endorsement that fed the fire. It was there that I received three first place awards for my various contest entries, producing a warm glow inside that made me believe in the impossible.

St. Davids introduced me to the writing life, instructed me in how to hone my craft, and embraced me with a respect not often found in so competitive a business.  I will forever be grateful to those many professionals for taking the time to teach, to shepherd, and to encourage.

Are you looking for a place to fan your creative flame?  Why not start where I did?  St. Davids Writers’ Conference. This year’s conference will be held at beautiful Grove City College in Grove City, Pennsylvania, from June 17-21.  It’s not too late to register. Simply follow the above link to find out more information and come find your spark.


Vickie Price Taylor has a bachelor’s degree in English Education and has spent the better part of the last decade sharing her passion for writing with high school students. A lover of fiction, she is most often either reading a good book or working on writing one of her own. Her stories have earned finalist positions in both the 2007 Molly Contest and the 2011 TARA Contest. She has served on the St. Davids’ board for three years and is currently the conference director.  When she’s not hanging out with her family or jogging the trails in her home state of West Virginia, you can find her on her blog at



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